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Our innovative product, ProtecTozz™, is the first safety equipment of its kind for position football players wearing removable cleats.  ProtecTozz provides safety in both games and practice to the toe-box of the cleated athlete thus preventing crush injuries.  Crush injuries include subungual hematoma (blood clot under the toenail), ingrown nail (infected/chronic), dystrophic nail (fungus from trauma/brittle nail), toe fracture/dislocation/sprain, tendon injury, cartilage damage to the great toe, and other related injuries.  ProtecTozz can also be used to treat an injured player providing protection against re-injury thereby allowing an earlier return to competition and practice.

ProtecTozz provides a safe and secure means of protecting a player’s foot from injury without compromising performance.  With minimal exterior prominence, this device does not impede athletic performance (running, cutting, set position, etc.). This allows the player to concentrate on maximal on-field performance without being fearful of another player stepping on the end of his unprotected cleat.  Crush injuries to the foot are common particularly amongst offensive and defensive lineman, tight-ends and quarterbacks.

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